Boat Insurance

When a boat is damaged, boat insurance helps pay for repairs. It also provides financial assistance following events such as theft or liability claims. You simple have to decide which type of coverage you want, the deductible you can afford, and the total coverage you need.
It works similar to other insurance in that you file a claim once an event occurs. You then receive compensation according to the specifics of your policy.


You have the option of getting a policy that covers you and your boat, a policy that covers additional people, and other options to customize your policy.

You will probably want property coverage. This is for repairing your boat when it is damaged either in a boating accident or other event. This might also include coverage for wreckage removal costs. Medical coverage helps when passengers are injured while on your boat. There is also special coverage for equipment such as gear, fishing reels, fishing accessories, and tackle bags.

Liability coverage is important. It is for when you damage another person’s boat. It can also help when you cause injury or death to another person while driving your boat.

Benefits of Boat Insurance

Boat insurance is a good way to protect your investment in your boat. The insurance company will help with many expenses you might not be able to handle on your own.