Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance is good to have if you regularly drive a motorcycle on public roads. Driving a motorcycle requires insurance the same as when you drive a car. It provides you with financial assistance should anything happen to your bike or if you cause an accident. There are no cons associated with having this insurance. It is a smart move if you have a motorcycle.

What to Expect from Coverage

Bodily injury liability is for when you cause injury to another person in the operation of your bike. When you have this coverage, the insurance policy will provide you with a legal defense. It will help pay for the other person’s medical expenses, and help should you be sued.

Accessories coverage is for your bike accessories. This protects things such as backrests, seats, CB radios, and saddlebags. Collision coverage is specifically to protect your motorcycle when it is damaged by another vehicle on the road.

Comprehensive physical damage is for most other forms of damage to the bike. Losses caused by fire, theft, and vandalism are covered here. Uninsured motorist coverage covers your medical bills and other costs should you be in an accident with someone who is uninsured or underinsured.

Motorcyclists are at high risk for accidents. In many cases, vehicle drivers fail to see motorcyclists and this leads to accidents. Also, a motorcyclist is more likely to suffer serious damage during an accident. It is in your best interest to have motorcycle insurance for your bike.